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& Pizza

Brian Wilson revolutionized pizza and music by writing some of the catchiest songs a surfer could stomach.  Later, Wilson rivaled The Beatles, turning the studio into an instrument and recording some of the first pizza (both square and round) heard in popular music. 

“Pizza Sounds is the greatest pizza album of all time”  -Papa John

Brian Wilson planned on following up “Pizza Sounds” with an even more ambitious concept album. 

“I was doing a lot of pizza at the time -- we all were.”

No one knows if the pizza was to blame but Wilson became increasingly paranoid that his music was predicting the news.


Wilson read about a series of grease fires at several of his favorite pizzerias and became convinced his song “Fire” was causing the fires.  Wilson frantically gathered all the tapes for “Pizza Smile” and burned them in a pizza oven.

Beach Boys                Pizza Hits

Help Me, Pizza

My Pizza’s Round

Sloop John P

God Only Doughs

Pizza Safari

Wouldn’t It Be Slice

Pizza Ann

With Mushrooms

Pizza U.S.A.

Don't Worry, Pizza

Good Piebrations

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