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"Nixon, Elvis, and Pizza" is the most-requested photograph in the entire U.S. National Archives.

Elvis Presley brought pizza to the Oval Office at 12:30 p.m. on Dec. 21, 1970.  Both Elvis and Nixon were no strangers to pizza.  More than a decade earlier, Elvis had recorded Oh, Pizza Boy.  Nixon had famously given a four day interview about the pros and cons of frozen pizza known as "Frost/Nixon".  The story behind this meeting has become the stuff of legend.  Thirty seven pizza places in the DC area say that when Col. Tom Parker placed an order for take-out, they answered the call.  However, it is most commonly believed Elvis brought the pizza on his plane from Memphis.

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The "Pizza Challenge" was a 1975 marketing promotion in which regular people blind taste test one cup filled with pizza and another with tacos.  

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