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Looking for the ultimate family-friendly live entertainment?

The Pizza Collection is a musical comedy show celebrating something kids of all ages love: pizza! Our show takes the audience on a journey through the pizza-verse, featuring pizza music, pizza art, pizza history, and more!

A Taste of The Pizza Collection:

But wait. Pizza music? What is that?

You may not realize that all your favorite artists, from Sugar Ray to Dr. Dre, from Miley Cyrus to Billy Ray Cyrus, have recorded pizza songs.  From Kermit The Frog to The Archies, The Pizza Collection's live show explores pizza music from every decade, genre, and topping. The Pizza Collection has all your favorites! 


And this is for kids?

Yes! The Pizza Collection's live show is perfect for kids of ALL ages. Whether you're four years old or 44 years old, you're sure to love classics like "Part Of Your Pizza" from Disney's The Little Mermaid.


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