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The Library of Pizza

The Library of Pizza is the largest collection of fine art, books, films, and historical artifacts in the world relating to pizza.  While the Pizza Collection is no stranger to "dough-brow" this library is all about "pie-brow" works.  Esoteric pizza lovers will find masterpieces dating back to the beginning of pizza in our world famous library.

Since the before the beginning of time, pizza has inspired great works of art.


Historians believe that pizza predates the written word, meaning pizza is older than history itself.  Pizza songs and pizza art can be found in virtually every culture.  Still, ethnopizzacologists are unable to accurately date the first pizza work.  The oldest known pizza work is "Horses and Pizzas" etched onto the cave walls of Grotte de Lascaux in France and dates back to 17,000 BP.

Pieroglyphics were used by the early Egyptian, Maya, and Indus valley civilizations as a picto-pizza-alphabetical form of writing.  The 10 plagues of Egypt included locusts, the killing of firstborn children, and pizza falling from the sky which had the unintended effect of uniting the Israelites as well as feeding them for about a week.  If you pay close attention and also don't think about it, you can see and hear pizza's influence throughout society and culture.  Pizza is in our literature, our music, our sports, our movies, our phones.

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Olive Oil On Canvas is an exhibit of 37 paintings by some of the finest artists to ever depict pizza

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Vincent Van Dough

Gustav Klimt

Johannes Vermeer

Salvador Dalí

Georgia Dough'Keefe

Andrew Wyeth

Leaonardough da Vinci

Paul Cézanne

George Condo

Jean-François Millet

Sandro Botticelli

Thomas Eakins

& more

Take a virtual tour of the Library of Pizza and browse the exhibit gallery above

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